1. Why don't I see special sales and offers in your shop?

    My hats and accessories are very competetively priced. I do not mark my hats up to reflect a "retail" price. Most retail items are marked up 100% from the actual cost and profit of that item. This allows manufacturers and artists room to manipulate sale prices and to sell their items to third party sellers. You will buy directly from me at a fair price. Because most of my items are one-of-a-kind, you know you are safely buying at the best price when you see the items, rather than waiting for a "sale" and possibly losing the item to another buyer.

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  1. How do I find my hat size?

    Using a sewing tape measure, measure around the back of the head above the ears and across the forehead. This will be the circumference of your head, and is what I will need to size your hat.

  2. My head is very small or very large compared to the average sized head.

    I can custom make hats in most head sizes and will be happy to discuss your particular needs. Simply contact me using the form on the "Contact Me" page.

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  1. Can I wear my buckram hat in the rain?

    Buckram is a stiffened fabric and will become limp and lose shape, if it becomes wet. Buckram hats should not be worn in the rain.

  2. What if my felt hat becomes wet?

    Felt hats are best not worn in rain. If your felt hat becomes wet, Place tissue paper inside the hat to help keep its shape and let it dry naturally.

  3. How should I store my hat?

    Hats should be stored in hat boxes to help prevent crushing and damage.

  4. How should I clean my felt hat?

    Most dust, lint, and loose dirt can be brushed free with the use of a clean, soft bristled brush. A clean, soft bristled paint brush generally works well, if you do not have a millinery brush. Placing a felt hat in the freezer will help loosen more set in dirt. For difficult stains or more set in dirt, contact your local dry cleaner. Most of my hats are lined and have sweatbands, so severely soiled linings can be replaced.

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Custom Orders

  1. How long will it take to receive my custom made hat?

    I generally need 1-2 weeks lead time to create and ship a hat, depending on availability of materials.

  2. What if I want a hat or accessory exactly like one pictured?

    I tell my customers that I can make hats similar to those pictured, because every hand blocked or handmade hat is a one-of-a-kind. Each piece of felt or fabric has it's own characteristics and even when using the same techniques and same blocks, hats can vary somewhat. I also obtain many of my supplies in limited quantities and may only have one piece of lace or trim piece. Different sized hats most generally are blocked on different hat blocks and while similar in shape, may not be exactly alike. My custom made hats are just as beautiful and many times more beautiful than the original hats pictured.

  3. I want a hat or accessory to match or coordinate with a particular outfit.

    I will be happy to discuss your particular needs. Contact me using the form on the "Contact Me" page.

  4. I saw a hat in a photo or on TV, Will you make an exact copy for me?

    I do not copy another designer's hats or other designs. These designs are copyright protected. I will be happy to work with you on an original design.

  5. When do I pay for my custom hat?

    I require full payment for custom hats prior to beginning work or ordering special supplies.

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  1. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

    Of course I don't want you to keep an item that is damaged or that does not live up to your expectations. I make every effort to ship hats and accessories that are of the highest quality possible for the price point. However, even the most careful inspections cannot prevent some mistakes. I also ask that customers contact me with any questions or more specific information that may help you make a better decision about your purchase, keeping in mind that monitors and photos may cause colors or shades to vary somewhat. I do reserve the right to refuse some returns based on individual circumstances. I want to be fair with you, please be fair with me. I am a very small company and cannot afford to accept items that have been worn or damaged by the customer.

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Shipping Lead Time

  1. How soon will my ready made hat or accessory ship?

    I generally ship within 24-48 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays or the rare occasion when I am on vacation. You will be contacted, if shipment is delayed.

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