Why Me?

I am a sole proprietor and the Milliner/Designer/Artisan that creates every item you receive from the design stage, through creation, embellishment, and final steaming and pressing. I lovingly pack your items and take them to the post office for shipping.You will not be communicating with a service representative.  You will be talking  directly to me. If something isn't quite right, it falls on my shoulders.

You won't catch me pretending to be a large corporation. I love being a small company that maintains personal contact with my customers.


Who AM I? Ready made and custom hats

Bridget Early, Milliner, Designer, Artisan

Bridget Early , Milliner, Designer, Artisan, hand blocks and hand stitches, ready  made and custom men's and women's hats and custom headwear including:  casual and dress hats, ready made and custom bridal head pieces, derby hats, and vintage and contemporary styles.

Ready made and custom men's and women's hats are hand blocked on vintage and/or antique hat blocks primarily from the 1920's -1950's.  If you see one of my hats that looks like something your parents or grandparents wore, it is most likely the same classic style. I love the classic styles of yesteryear and find these same styles can easily be updated to suit many contemporary style  choices. I also create many hats by freeform blocking, using my hands to manipulate the material into unique one-of-a-kind styles

Having spent over thirty years designing and crafting wedding gowns, clothing, accessories, home decor, and many more items, I am now turning my creative juices to those items that I have longed to design, but had little time for. These are all my original designs. I draft my own patterns and do all my own work.


I began sewing and crafting as a child.  As I grew, my interest in needle crafts, design, and craftsmanship grew. I am a firm believer that it is important to continually grow and reach for higher standards while learning new skills and maturing in my craftsmanship.  I love beautiful fabrics, threads, yarns, and really all media as  a means of self-expression. 


 I care less about what is in "style" (let's face it not all of us look good in mini skirts and spandex dresses) and more about what makes an indivdual feel beautiful, comfortable, and unique. I think the most beautiful women are those with the confidence to dress for their personalities whether they look as though they are flappers, bomb shell babes, hippies, or techno-geeks. I  don't care whether you are fat, skinny, tall, or short. You are all beautiful! Now let's go find a hat.