About Casual and Dress Hats

For centuries the types of hats or the lack, thereof have given an indication of the status of an individual, role that individual plays in society or the personality of an individual. Think about the different hats that alert you to the role that police, firemen, military personnel, cowboys, construction works and others play in society.  In years past a white cap with a particular shape told a patient that the person entering their room was a nurse.  The style of the white cap indicated what school of nursing the individual had graduated from.  Likewise, if a woman approached dressed in a habit and black and white hat, an individual could assume that the wearer was a nun.


Today individuals express their personality and role not only through their chosen uniform or lack thereof, but also by the way they choose to adorn their heads.  Hats can express a sense of humor, or the importance of a special occasion.  Think Kentucky Derby.  If a spectator is wearing a hat with a straw winding out of two beer cans, you can probably assume that they are not sitting in the upper stands with women and men dressed to the nines in expensive, ornate hats and designer clothing.  A young lady might choose a fun flirty headpiece to wear with jeans or a sundress indicating her fun and carefree nature, where a professional woman might choose a classically styled fedora or cloche to protect her head from the elements when she dons her coat to dash off to a business meeting.  A young mother may choose an all purpose felt cap that will take her from a busy day running her children to school and sporting events, but will still look chic on date night with jeans and a blazer


A young farm boy might choose a traditional western crown and brim, when he drives up in his pickup truck, while a young man walking down the street in a big city might be seen in a small brimmed trilby. A lawyer will wear a fedora to the office and a ball cap to the baseball game.


Hats are also a great way to hide what I refer to as "your current state."  In the middle of cleaning or home projects, but you need to make a quick trip to the store or drop off an item at the post office, or pick up records from your doctor's office?  Pull your sweat pants up to  your knees, put on a long coat, and pull a cloche down over your unkempt hair.  No one will ever know that your hair hasn't been styled, or that you are a tad unkempt.  In a hurry to attend a recent Art Fair, I quickly threw on my clothes, pulled on one of my cloches, and grabbed my inventory of hats on the way out the door.  All day long, I received a constant flow of, "I love the hat you are wearing!"  Customers had no idea that my hair was three weeks over due for a cut and I barely had time to run a comb through it.